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May 13, 2014
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godaddy website builder review
  1. Can’t Change Themes – Even though GoDaddy website builder has a lot of pre-made designer templates for you to select, one of the main downside is that once you’ve picked a theme to use, you can’t switch to another one without losing your content. So make sure you try out and choose your theme very carefully before committing to one. This is a bit annoying for sure, and if you want the flexibility to change design templates when you want to, Squarespace and Weebly allows you to change templates as often as you want, without losing any of your content.
  2. No e-Commerce Tools – This version of GoDaddy website builder doesn’t come with any e-commerce tools. GoDaddy has another website builder that’s dedicated specifically to online stores, so if you want to build an e-commerce store, that website builder will probably suit you better. At the end of the day, if you just want to add a “buy now” button, you can use the “HTML Code” tool in the builder, and insert PayPal’s buy now button codes. But this gives you very limited functions. We’d suggest you check out other online store builders as highlighted above.
  3. Very Basic Mobile Display – Even though GoDaddy website builder does automatically convert your site into a “mobile friendly” interface for people visiting your website using smart phones, the look and feel of the mobile versions of their websites is “basic” at best, especially when compared to how good their themes look on a desktop computer.GoDaddy website builder review - templates One unique function that they have is that you have the option to hide or display any content pieces from the mobile version of your website. So if you don’t want a specific slideshow to be displayed on your mobile website, you can switch it off. This is a pretty cool feature and gives you a bit more flexibility to configure your mobile website. But at the end of the day, the overall design / layout of the mobile site is “basic” at best. Here are some if this is an important factor for you.


Based on our GoDaddy website builder review, if you are a small business owner, designer, musician, restaurant owner, a professional (lawyer, finance, accounting) who want to build a website that’s creative, GoDaddy should be able to help you.

As mentioned in the Top 3 Pros section above, GoDaddy website builder is easy to use, minimalistic (in a good way) and comes with great support. This enables you to quickly and efficiently gain an online presence, so you can focus on other busier parts of your life.

Technology can be a bit (or very!) painful at times, so having a strong, contactable support team to help you, and having the ability to make multiple backup versions of your website, can make your life a lot easier.

GoDaddy Website Builder review - supportAs mentioned under one of the drawbacks above, is that if you think that the majority of your visitors will be visiting you through their smartphones, then perhaps another website builder with stronger mobile interfaces will suit you better.


GoDaddy website builder is a true drag & drop interface, so you can insert content on pretty much anywhere on the website (you can even overlap content if you really want to).

The platform is a WYSIWYG (which stands for What You See Is What You Get) builder, so whatever you insert into the website editor, will show up the same way once you publish your website.

The way GoDaddy lays out its builder is quite visually friendly. Their tool bar is neatly laid out on the left hand side, and you can even hide it to maximize your screen real estate for better editing. They only have one single tool bar to keep things simple and minimalistic which is nice. So you don’t have to dig around forever to find things.

As mentioned as one of the Pros above, in addition to phone, live chat and email support, GoDaddy has an extensive support library / documentation, so if you’re unsure of anything, you can always search for help in their support library (more on this below).

Overall, we found GoDaddy a lot easier to use than some other website builders in the market. They may not have as many bells and whistles, but the benefit to you is that they give you the necessary, core website building tools to get the job done without cluttering things up.

If you want a more advanced website builder that comes with a lot more tools and features, I’d recommend you check out or Squarespace. Both are great website builders, and have a lot of tools that you might not find with GoDaddy.


GoDaddy gives you over 300 templates to pick from, designed specifically for various industry categories such as business, finance, law, education, health & beauty, music / entertainment, charity, design portfolio, family, wedding, real estate, restaurant, recreation, etc.

So the chances of you finding a design theme that suits your needs is pretty good.

As discussed above, one of the positive things about GoDaddy’s themes is that they come structured and pre-populated with content (which form part of the overall design of their themes), making it easy for you to just insert replace the content with your own.

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godaddy website templates samples - My WordPress Website
GoDaddy Website Builder Site Review & Tutorial
GoDaddy Website Builder Site Review & Tutorial
Build a Website FAST with GoDaddy Website Builder
Build a Website FAST with GoDaddy Website Builder ...
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