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January 19, 2016
5 Steps To Creating A

5 Steps for the Process of Design and Development of a WebsiteThere are generally five phases involved in the process of developing a web design and uploading it to the internet. How each designer uses these steps entails differing versions, for the most part. Here we will discuss a generalized view of what is involved.

The Process of Design and Development of a Website

Website development and design involve many steps. They range from gathering information to website creation and ends with analyzing and releasing the website.

The precise process varies lightly between designers. However, the fundamentals are basically similar.

1. Gathering of Information
2. Preparing
3. Creating
4. Design development
5. Analyzing and releasing

Step One: Gathering Information

This is where all the necessary information is gathered, to gain an understanding of what the clients needs are. This step involves the asking of many questions.

Intention: Why is the website being built? Is it for product sales, providing information, service promotion? etc.
Aspirations: What will be accomplished with the use of the website? Generally, this involves either the making of money or information sharing.

Users: What group of people is the website intended for? It helps at this stage to envision the exemplary type of person that will use the website.

Substance: What is the substance of the website? What content will it contain?
Step Two: Preparing

This is where the site map is created, utilizing all the information collected in step one, particularly, the intended users. The map contains all the main topics and sub-topics. It is a guide for content and a user-friendly system of navigation. As well, step two is where it is decided which technologies are to be implemented.

Step Three: Creating

Again, this stage involves reviewing of the information in deciding how the actual website will look. The intended user is one of the main elements considered, as well as where to place the logo and the implementation of company branding.
More than one prototype should be designed for input by the client at this stage. This will provide them with the opportunity to state if they have any issues with the design before development begins.
Step Four: Design Development

This is the step where the website is actually developed into a fully functional website. This process involves the development of the home page first. Secondly, an outline of additional pages is formulated and used as a template for navigation and content. Codes must comply with contemporary website measures, accessibility and maximized functionality.

Step Five: Analyzing and Releasing

Step five is where all the elements of the design and development are analyzed. Additionally, compatibility for different web browsers and site optimization are tested. As well as, code validations are tested to ensure that the website complies with current website measures.

Once this is completed the website is released to the internet. This is done by using an FTP program to upload it to the web. Additionally, a domain is registered, as well as hosting service accounts are set up. One final analysis should also be completed for confirmation that everything was correctly uploaded and there are no issues with functionality.

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