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August 14, 2014
10 Tips To Build A Small

HTML Coding Cover PhotoWhen building a small business website there are a lot of options to consider. For example, should you pay a graphic designer to assist in the layout, should you hire a company to program the site for you, or should you keep 100% control over the design and code by building your own website?

While we may be a bit biased, we think that having ownership of the look and feel of your small business website is essential to showing your brand and demonstrating your dedication to your business.

And while Webs is known as an easy drag-and-drop WYSIWYG tool to help those with limited coding knowledge, we do offer a Custom HTML Module for Premium customers to challenge themselves in learning HTML or adding a bit of customization to their webpage.

Today, we are sharing a quick HTML lesson for those of you who would like to expand your skill set. With a little help from online coding schools like W3Schools, CodeAcademy and Skillshare, we will share a few HTML basics and links to complete your HTML training and further customize your website’s design!

But first, what is HTML?
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the language for describing web documents (or pages) that are translated into what is displayed on your computer screen.

Understanding and writing this language allows an individual to manipulate web pages so they can create a more customized web design or add additional elements.

What are HTML tags?
HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets: content

HTML Basics CodeAn HTML tag describes different document content and how it should be displayed on your computer.


– The DOCTYPE declaration defines the document type to be HTML
– The text between and describes an HTML document
– The text between and describes the visible page content
– The text between


describes a heading
– The text between


describes a paragraph

The important thing to note is that when you open a tag

you must always close the tag when you are done filling in the content.

How Can I Change Text?
Whether you want to bold, italicize, underline, or superscript your text, there are HTML tags that can command your text to appear a certain way on your webpage.

You can also manipulate your font size and color to have it match your brand logo.
(Though this is not supported in HTML5)

How Do I Add Links?
If you want to cite a source or share the other webpages your fans will see you across the web, it is important to learn how to link your text to other webpages.

HTML Text TagsTo do this you will use the tag which helps specify which webpage you want your users to visit when they click on that text. You can also use this tag to link an image or other HTML elements.

How Can I Include Images?
Like the images we have inserted in this webpage to show you the proper HTML tagging, you can insert your own images to make your website more visually appealing.

First, you must save the image you wish to use on your computer. Keep it in a safe folder where you may keep all the images on your site. If you are using a web host, like Webs, they may require you to save your images within the builder to be able to reference the image source for the HTML.

This is because you will be using the tag.

img src=url alt=“text

The ‘img’ is for the image you wish to share and the ‘src’ is the source from where you are providing the image. To display the image, it will be looking at the source (URL) to find and provide the image.

The ‘alt’ tag is to help your webpage’s SEO. Search engines need a description of the image to understand what you are showing on your website. Search enginges can’t see the image, they can only read what you provide in the alt text!

What About Formatting?
Formatting can be especially tricky for newcomers to code. Therefore, we suggest actually enrolling in some of the code classes we mentioned earlier in the article to get your certification in building out your formats.

For example, you can add tables, layouts, and more!

If you felt like all of this information was overwhelming, don’t forget that when you sign up with Webs you can build your website WITHOUT having to learn any code. When you upgrade, you will have the option to test the HTML skills you have acquired if and when you’re ready.

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DIY- Build Your Own Small Business Website
DIY- Build Your Own Small Business Website
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Build a Small Business Website
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How To Build A Small Business Website
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