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July 22, 2016
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I’m delighted to announce the launch of my latest ebook, “Web Design is Dead.”

If you are an amateur or professional web designer or web marketer — or particularly if you would like to be — you need to read this book, now!

The best part is, I’m giving it to you completely free!

When you read “Web Design is Dead” you will…

  • Know that the web design sector — as we have known it — is shattering
  • See the factors that are causing the split
  • Understand your four distinct options for survival (Warning: Sticking at what you’re doing today is not one of them!)
  • And get clear guidance on which of the options is right for you.

Download NOW

Right now, the book is completely 100% free, in PDF, Kindle and ePub formats.

Preview: Read the Introduction

The professional web design sector is being torn apart. Where there used to be solid ground, a huge rift is splitting open, so web designers need to move quickly in order to survive.

What’s causing the split is actually our own online publishing technology, which recently evolved to the point that it is making the traditional web designer role redundant.

Since I started designing websites professionally in 1994, “web design” has steadily evolved from a technically challenging, time-consuming, and very costly service into a mature off-the-shelf commodity that anyone can purchase for pennies. The changes have been gradual, but at some point recently they reached a tipping point.

The result is that many familiar methods and roles are going to fall into the abyss. Those of us who have earned a living crafting websites will either evolve fast or we will perish as the market disappears beneath our feet.

The good news is that there will still be plenty of good work for web designers — but it will look quite different to the projects we’re used to. Web designers must dramatically change the way we approach our work.

There’s no doubt that we are going through a period of massive, and accelerating, disruptive technological innovation. As always in times of massive change, there will be winners and there will be losers. The survivors tend to do very well. (In fact, it is said the Great Depression created more millionaires than any other period in US history, source.)

So who survives? It’s very simple. The survivors are always those who…

  • Notice what’s changing
  • Accept that it’s changing
  • And make the necessary changes to adapt to the new conditions.

That’s why I’m writing this book. With “Web Design Is Dead” I’m going to explain why the current seismic shift is happening now, and set out your survival plan.

Today, for the first time in twenty years, we’re seeing very good web designers suddenly finding their web design work no longer pays the bills.

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