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July 10, 2015
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With a faster than average job growth through 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of web design and development offers tremendous opportunity. Learn to integrate visual graphic design, information design and programming to build compelling, interactive data-base driven websites.

Web design is an important skill to have if you want to stay current and competitive in the job market. The FSU Web Design and Development Professional Certification will provide you with the foundational skills and knowledge needed enter this exciting and dynamic field.

Our fully online program will teach you the design side of websites and the back-end programming necessary to make a site function effectively. Over the course of the program you will learn to integrate visual graphic design, information design and programming to build standards-compliant websites using HTML5 and CSS3 code, add interactivity with JavaScript and jQuery and create dynamic web pages combing client-side and server-side scripting.

You will learn how to create and edit digital graphics for the web using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. And, along with the basics of good page layout, color theory and typography you will be ready to create visually attractive and compelling websites that will capture your audience’s attention.

In combination with good visual design you will learn functional web design principles including information architecture and user experience, best practices for delivering information online and technical skills including HTLM5 and CSS3. Your work will showcase your ability to apply web technologies to create and publish well-designed, responsive webpages.

Today’s websites typically incorporate interactive content and media. You will learn client-side programming to create interactive and animated web pages that improve the user interface. You will also learn server-side scripting languages to generate dynamic web content. Using web services, you will be able to communicate with external databases to show the user updated personalized information.

Program Certificate

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Program at a Glance

This is a unique noncredit professional development program that places you in online courses with degree-seeking FSU students. You work through the same course materials and interact with FSU students in an online community and/or online help forum.

What courses will I take?

How do I enroll?

  • Register for each course as you are ready to take it; the links above will take you to each course page. You will earn the Professional Certification when you complete the three required courses.
Training Course Design and Development
Training Course Design and Development
Web Design Courses
Web Design Courses
Web designing Courses in Chandigarh
Web designing Courses in Chandigarh
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