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January 19, 2016
100 Creative Single Page Website TemplatesLooking for something to add a little punch to your website design and make it stand apart?
We bring you some ideas to trigger your creative thoughts and entice the user into your site.

    Singe-page websites are a popular design trend away from “information overload” into simplifying content presentation for the impatient web visitor who is out of your site in less than three clicks if he doesn’t find what he wants. Using CSS, HTML5 and JQuery, single-page websites are fully loaded in the initial page load, or page segments are replaced with page fragments from the server on demand.

    Several innovative website design techniques are deployed to generate user interaction and retain interest on single-page websites. Some are:

    Best 2012 One Page Website Templates1.Fixed/sticky navigation
    2.Interactive navigation elements like parallax scrolling - creating a 3D feel with background images scrolling more slowly than foreground images
    3.Flat web design or Flat UI was made popular by the flat Apple iOS7 interface design. The focus is on being clear and easy to use.
    4. Full-screen background images
    5. Web typography like @font-face and Typekit makes more fonts available to designers to make their one-page designs stand out on all screens.
    6. Responsive web design displays a website at the optimal size for different devices and screens
    7.Social media integration makes content shareable
    8. Data integration - Toolkits bring data directly into the website, to present interactive data visualizations that make the site informative and crawlable by search engines.

    Click here for some awesome examples of single page and one page web site design..

    What is a grid?

    A grid provides order and structure in a website design. Horizontal and vertical lines intersect to form a grid in which elements of a design are placed and content is neatly aligned.

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    interactive website design idea
    interactive website design idea
    Fevicol Design Ideas Website Review
    Fevicol Design Ideas Website Review
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    Website Design - Mobile Design - Intent Ideas - Who We Are
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