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November 20, 2015
Best Web Site Design

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - mainHelen Stark

In one of our previous posts we offered you a roundup of the best and the most informative blogs that cover the user experience topics. It’s time to give you some hints about the top blogs that offer the coolest posts on web design, development and programming. These blogs are must-read for anyone who works in the web design related field.

We included here only the best web design blogs that stay trendsetters in 2015. You can find there the latest info on any design-related topic, get the best tutorials that should help you improve your skills and learn some new tricks for your web design projects. The major factor we considered for including those blogs in our list was the high quality of stuff they offer to their readers be it articles, videos, tutorials or free design elements.

Best Web Design Blogs in 2015

As with UX blogs, we included in this post highly popular blogs that have high Alexa Ranks and thousands of followers in social media. We also considered how often they refresh their content. The value and diversity of the content was also the factor of choice.Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - codrops On those blogs you’ll find theoretical articles and posts about the basics of web design as well as step-by-step tutorials and detailed design guides to various elements of a website.

Alexa Rank: 2, 169
Social Media: Twitter – 897K followers; Facebook – 244K likes
Posting Frequency: 3-5 posts per week
Types of Content: articles, guides, researches, contests, freebies, ebooks

The king of web design blogs, Smashing Magazine tops our list. This highly reputable resource offers the best articles and posts on web design, coding and programing, UX and graphics. It offers cool tutorials that help to create various website elements or graphic designs. Most of its tutorials are highly technical so design newbies should have a great knowledge base.

Smashing Magazine also offers cool freebies for web design projects, its own printed (and electronic) books. The resource also runs conferences, sets various design contests. You can subscribe to its weekly newsletter.

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