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July 25, 2015
Build your own website vs
SkyscrapersBuilding a website which looks appealing to customers is important to a business's success. Photograph: Jacob Carter/Rex

The internet is the ultimate tool to influence decisions. The good news is that making a website isn't as difficult or costly as many people might imagine. In the digital age, a website is integral to the visibility of your business. Essentially, it's an online shop window into your startup, and, like any display, if it isn't appealing, your customer is lost.

A good website lends credibility to your business. Not having one gives a bad impression to prospective clients. Therefore, having a website is necessary and it is an investment you make into the success of your business. Many Start Up Loan recipients have used it to help fund their website, highlighting the importance of an online presence. However, you don't always need to spend a huge amount. So what are the options for making a great website?

If you are on a limited budget, it's important to consider DIY website design. Of course, hiring a professional developer is also an option, but you should aim to spend as little as possible without compromising on quality. Remember, however, that costs are not just the payment of a developer, but also your own time. If you choose to create your own website, you will invariably take time out of your schedule, which is expensive., a Start Up Loan corporate partner, offer all recipients support for building and managing their own business website – and online shop, too – regardless of technical ability and budget.

All these conversations should be prefaced with the understanding that the overarching concern is to drive traffic to your site. After all, what's a brilliant business if no one knows about it?

If you do decide to go down the route of creating your own website, there are many tools to help, including the ever-popular WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. Keep it simple and remember that user experience should always be the overriding concern when making any decisions. Moreover, this can be a great way to be comfortable with your website and branding, as well as a crash-course learning experience in basic development.

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Build your small business website with bOnline
Build your small business website with bOnline
SiteSwan - Building Websites for Small Businesses
SiteSwan - Building Websites for Small Businesses
How to Build a Website for a Small Business
How to Build a Website for a Small Business
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